We offer guiding for private or group trips in Bulgaria. Whether you travel in small family or a larger friend’s group, we can help with professional advices, planning the itinerary and/or organizing the whole trip.

Our company can help you plan your perfect trip in Bulgaria. We will choose the best combination of tourist attractions, according to the duration of your trip and your personal requirements. Depending on your budget and preferences, we will advise you in choosing the most suitable hotels and restaurants.

Whether you like the atmosphere of the big cities and the thrills of the nightlife or prefer to dive into the mysticism of the folklore and traditions and explore some rural areas, our team can help you find the best places to stay and the most charming restaurants with national cuisine.

Our services doesn’t extend only to the Bulgarian borders. We have a great expertise in organizing trips in Romania and Macedonia. We can make a nice combination with tourist attractions in the three Balkan countries.

The touroperator is based in the city of Ruse – 310 km. from our capital Sofia, 190 km. from Varna and just 80 km. from the Romanian capital Bucharest and Henry Coanda (Otopeni) International Airport. Depending on your arrival destination, we can take you from any convenient point from Bulgaria, Romania or Macedonia.

Our services:
• professional guiding
• itinerary planning;
• hotel reservations;
• rent-a-car and driver services;
• public transport reservations.

Here is a list of our example tourist programs: https://guides-in-bulgaria.com/tours. Each one can be modified according to your preferences and trip duration.

We wish you a great trip in Bulgaria and we will be happy to assist in your stay here.

“Guides in Bulgaria” team.